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01/24 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

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01/24 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 25, 2013 10:28 am

24-Jan Genesis 48 - 50, Luke 3-4, Psalms 116-120, Proverbs 24

Gen 48:10-11 (NIV)10 Now Israel's eyes were failing because of old age, and he could hardly see. So Joseph brought his sons close to him, and his father kissed them and embraced them.  11 Israel said to Joseph, "I never expected to see your face again, and now God has allowed me to see your children too."

Jacob thought that his favorite, beloved son was dead for years. Imagine the heavy heart he had, thinking all that time that his son had been killed by wild animals, and seeing the blood on the coat of many colors Jacob had blessed him with.  I can't imagine the horrible nightmares he must have lived with, thinking that his son had died a slow, painful, horrid death.  But he had been lied to, by his own deceiving sons.  Joseph wasn't dead, he was just sown into Egypt to bring blessing back to Jacob in the future!  And now years later, Jacob has learned the truth, seen his son Joseph and Joseph's children.  The Lord had been faithful, had blessed his son, and the nations were being changed already from his son's wisdom, gifts and callings.  

This scripture is a perfect template for you and I to utilize and understand for our own lives.  Anything we possess, and anyone in our families that God has trusted into our care, are seed, promises, and they carry future blessing in them.  You may have lost someone dear, or lost a business that you invested in.  You might have lost a financial investment, or seen your children walk away from God's kingdom after investing alot of kingdom seed into their lives.  Whatever the supposed "LOSS", remember that nothing is ever lost in the kingdom of God.  It's only SOWN.  And God is not mocked, whatever a man sows is what he will reap.  If you have sown God's kingdom and the gospel of Jesus into a child, God is not mocked.  That seed will grow and overtake your child.  If you seemingly LOST something dear to you in the past as Jacob lost Joseph, that thing is not dead, but has been sown.  It's growing, it's not tangible, but it will return to you with offspring of it's own!  God is not mocked!

These principles of the kingdom must be understood if we are going to capture the full potential of our 8 territories in life: Physical, Spiritual, Mental, Educational, Vocational, Social, Marital/Family, Financial.  We will be sowing seed, investing in our future, and some things will seemingly fail.  But there are NO FAILURES in the kingdom of God, only seed sown!

Gird yourself up with faith and understand that those things which you were told are gone, lost, devoured, and destroyed - are only SOWN into good ground.  Water them by faith.  Call upon them to come back to you with a harvest and multiplication.  Oversee them and never give up on the seed sown.  It has been sown for an appointed time.  It shall come back to you, just as Joseph came back to Jacob with sons, and with position, authority, and command over the entire nation of Egypt!  You will see the same results as you understand the word of God and the template design that He wants us to walk in! king sunny  king

Tomorrow's Reading:
25-Jan Exodus 1-2, Luke 5-6, Psalms 121-125, Proverbs 25

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