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08/16 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

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08/16 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves Empty 08/16 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

Post by Admin on Sun Aug 16, 2015 8:10 am

16-Aug Job 37-38, 1 Thess. 1-2, Psalms 86-90, Proverbs 16
Proverbs 16:1-4 (NIV)   To man belong the plans of the heart, but from the LORD comes the reply of the tongue.   All a man's ways seem innocent to him, but motives are weighed by the LORD.   Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.   The LORD works out everything for his own ends-- even the wicked for a day of disaster.

Today we find that there are two viewpoints. The vantage point of God in Heaven, and the lower vantage point of man on the earth.  While man sets the plans of his heart and he sets goals that may or may not end up working out for that man, God can see in plain view what the motives of that man are, and whether or not that man will succeed.  God works out the plans of man for His own purposes, as men plan good and evil on the earth.

Have you ever heard the saying, "He can't see the forest because of the trees."???  Sometimes we are locked into a particular point of view where our view point is limited because we're in the middle of a bunch of tall trees, obstacles, or mountains.  We can't see the big picture and therefore we're going to make mistakes and our plans will be inaccurate.  If we could only see what God sees . . .

But there is a way to see what God sees.  God invites us to COME AND SEE what is going on in Heaven, and to partake of His viewpoint so you can plan effectively on earth.  This is the life of faith for a follower of Christ, as faith sees what man cannot see.  Faith pierces into Heaven and sees from God's vantage point.

Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)   Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

How does a follower of Christ see what Heaven sees, so that they can build accurately on the earth through faith?  I believe that the answer to this is to open up the lines of communication between Heaven and earth, and to be hungry and thirsty to hear what Heaven has to say to you.  Reading the Bible every day is a start to communicating with Heaven.  The Bible came from Heaven and expresses God's point of view, His intentions, and His M.O. (methods of operation).  If you will learn the Bible, you will learn God's ways.

Psalm 25:4-5 (NIV)   Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths;   guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.

This type of communication is educational to your spirit man.  It's also instructional if you are willing to hear Him as your King.  It will guide you into all truth, and it will be a lamp and light to every step you take along the path.

Psalm 119:105 (NIV) Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Once you receive instruction from the Word of God, if you dare to take God at His Word, and if you step out in faith trusting His Word, you will be aligning yourself and your path with Heaven's point of view.  You will be walking as a son of God and your decisions will be the same ones that Jesus would make if He were in your shoes (which He actually is in your shoes . . .).

The second form of communication is prayer.  This comes in all forms from praying boldly in your natural language, to praying in the Spirit, to intercession, singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, and developing a generalized lifestyle of talking to God.  Once God can talk to you through His Word, and you are building a relationship of talking back to Him, asking Him questions, praising and worshiping Him and acknowledging Him as your King, then you are involved in a full blown dual direction relationship with the creator of the Heavens and earth.  At this point, you will begin to hear God speaking to you.

God speaks to people in many different ways, and He doesn't speak to people exactly the same way. He is very creative, and because you are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him, you and He have a designated way that He is going to speak to you.  To some He speaks in dreams or visions. To some He speaks with an inspiration, thought or idea that comes to their minds which they know was not from them.  To some He confirms Himself to them through signs, wonders, and miracles.  Your experience will more than likely be different than mine.

My sister Wendy Selvig wrote a wonderful book on hearing the voice of God called, "SNATCH PROOF".  Check it out HERE.  You really should make this book one of the top reads over the next couple of months - very important!!  You will learn to seek and find God in places that you had never known before! Amazing.

COMPASS GUIDE is all about connecting you to Heaven, getting your 25 word core vision statement drafted from Heaven's point of view, and getting all of your life territories on track, running together in a united, focused vision to build on the earth what God is seeing in Heaven.  Don't forget daily reading and prayer. It's your daily lifeline to building for God.    king  king  king  

Tomorrow's Reading:
17-Aug Job 39-40, 1 Thess. 3-4, Psalms 91-95, Proverbs 17

Dr. Daniel Daves king
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08/16 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves Daniel10

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