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11/27 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

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11/27 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:54 am

27-Nov Daniel 11-12, Romans 3-4, Psalms 1-5, Proverbs 27

COMPASS GUIDE "PHYSICAL TERRITORY" NOTE: Don't forget to have a meeting with the governors of your eight territories this week.  You are the king over your garden/kingdom, and you must meet periodically with the governors to see if they are keeping their territories under the dominion of God.  Take your physical territory for instance.  Go to the physical section of your COMPASS GUIDE and look at your 1 and 5 year goals.  Then have a personal meeting with the governor of that territory and ask him (that governor is really you...) if he/she is progressing to meet the goals and demands of this territory?  If not, find out why and put that governor under a disciplinary review.  Make plans WITH that governor to do certain things to head towards (and fulfill) your 1 and 5 year goals in the physical territory.  It's good to re-visit your goals at least once per week.  Since you have 8 territories, consider re-visiting 2 territories per day, Monday - Thursday and pray, meditate, study, and develop your goals in order to reach them "on time".  I'd love to hear from you on how the meeting with your Physical Territory governor went this week!

Today's Study:

Prov 27:5-6 (NIV)Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Wounds from a friend can be trusted,
but an enemy multiplies kisses.

Today's scripture reminds me of a word that none of us like - REBUKE.  When we are going the wrong way, we need someone to love us enough to tell us so that we can change.  Sure it's hard to find out that you're wrong.  It's a blow to the pride to find out that something is desperately wrong or we're headed the wrong way.  But the rebuke comes as a form of God's love towards us to warn us, to re-direct us from wrong, poverty and shame.  But if we are walking in pride, the rebuke will not be taken well.  Proverbs tells us that a fool will never take correction, and the prideful will hate you for correcting them, even if you do it out of love.

Three things:
1.  Lord, please help me to NEVER be prideful and to accept rebuke when it comes to me, so that I might change and become more of a man after God's heart.  No matter how the rebuke comes, please Lord, allow me to walk in humility and not pride, as a wise man and not a fool.
2.  Lord, when I believe that a person needs to receive a rebuke or a correction in their life, give me wisdom to know if I'm wasting my time, or if they will be humble enough to receive the rebuke.  And give me the strength to shut my mouth if the fool is walking in pride.  I will only waste my time, God's time, and will harden the fool more by rebuking him in his pride.
3.  Lord, please help me to know who my true friends are.  The ones who kiss me on the cheek are nothing more than Judas and cannot be trusted. But those who are willing to tell me the truth, even to their own harm, and who are willing to put our relationship on the line to attempt to better me or help me - these are my true friends. Help me to listen to them, to honor them, and to pay close attention to what they have to say. Thank you for true friends who love me enough to say what needs to be said!  

COMPASS GUIDE will keep you on the pathway of light and truth because you will be reading the Bible every day.  God's written Word has a unique way of rebuking us and correcting us as we read it.  And submitting your goals, plans, and future to the Word of God will keep your pathway pure, focused, and heading directly towards God's perfect will for your life.  Get a Compass Guide today at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] king sunny  king

Tomorrow's Reading
28-Nov Hosea 1-2, Romans 5-6, Psalms 6-10, Proverbs 28
29-Nov Hosea 3-4, Romans 7-8, Psalms 11-15, Proverbs 29

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