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11/30 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

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11/30 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3 Empty 11/30 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 16, 2013 10:59 am

30-Nov Hosea 5-6, Romans 9-10, Psalms 16-20, Proverbs 30

Hosea 5:10 (NIV) 10 Judah's leaders are like those who move boundary stones. I will pour out my wrath on them like a flood of water.

Boundary stones represent history.  When God or a historical event are set "in stone", no man has the right to move that stone.  When an official boundary line is set such as a legal property line, no man has the right to erase or move that boundary line unless agreed upon by all parties.  Boundary lines are repeatedly defended in the Bible, and God curses anyone who moves an ancient boundary stone!

Deut 19:14 (NIV) 14 Do not move your neighbor's boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess.

Deut 27:17 (NIV) 17 "Cursed is the man who moves his neighbor's boundary stone."

Prov 22:28 (NIV) 28 Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your forefathers.

Prov 23:10 (NIV) 10 Do not move an ancient boundary stone or encroach on the fields of the fatherless,

I had a dream in 2008 where God showed me the future of America and her greatest enemies.  (You can get the book WARNING AMERICA: ATTEMPTED HOSTILE TAKEOVER EXPOSED! at Amazon or at my web site [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] .) In this dream, a government official said, "ALL PROPERTY LINES HAVE BEEN DISSOLVED . . ."    This activity is both illegal in a free, rule of law society, and with God.  If you move or dissolve a property line, you are planning to encroach, seize hold of, or take over someone else's valid property.  This is exactly what's happening today.  Where?  Everywhere!

"All property lines have been dissolved . . ."  This means EVERY line that you and I have ever considered holy, proper, reasonable, ethical, legal, and correct - is now being challenged by an encroaching force of evil and judgment.  Marriage lines have been dissolved. National borders are being dissolved. Your right to privacy, right to bear arms, right to freedom of speech, and the right to due process is being dissolved.  Our Constitution and bill of rights are being dissolved.  Our money and wealth is being dissolved.  Our history books are being re-written and ancient boundary stones are being moved.  Our fore-fathers are being portrayed now as evil, terroristic, villains.  Good is now bad and bad is now good.  Right is wrong, and wrong is now right.  Evil men are hailed as good men, and good men are disregarded as evil.  The whole world is turning upside down and "all property lines have been dissolved . . ." .  

Nothing that you once thought was sure is sure any more.  Nothing that you previously owned i soon to be yours.  Why?  Because evil men and a one world order has taken hold of leadership, and they are making advancing encroachments on the boundary lines that have been set for ages.  This is none other than WAR, and we are being besieged at every front.  America is no longer a Christian nation, says our president.  Presidents don't submit to the old order of law called the Constitution or Capital Hill.  Even the Supreme Court (who draws the lines) is being nullified and erased.  If you are one who holds the line, your line is being erased.  Local police are being federalized.  County Sheriffs are being assimilated into the federal machine.  Homeland Security (unConstitutional with no real clearly defined borders or lines) is now taking over every area of the country.  Churches are minimalized and good men are demonized.  Patriots are terrorists and terrorists are invited to sit at the head of the table.

What do you and I do about this?  We MUST stand with God.  And the first stand is to announce, pronounce, and proclaim God's commands regarding ancient boundary stones.  We must command the people to learn their history before it's successfully snuffed out and removed from their midst.  Men repeat the same mistakes because they don't learn from history.  And the devil wants to destroy history so that men can't learn from it.  To destroy history and move ancient boundary stones is to destroy at least one entire generation.  This is the play that's happening against mankind in all segments of the world.  History is being re-written by the dark overlords of control and the spirit of Pharaoh.  Absolute slavery is the plan for mankind by a few ruling elite.  But they cannot win if men know their history.

You and I must know our history.  This is a good time to immerse yourself, your family, and everyone under your care in a good history lesson about your world, your nation, your forefathers, your biblical heroes, etc.  Right now the Bible is under attack as an ancient book written by and for barbarians.  Now that our world has emerged and has evolved into an enlightened, peaceful society, we don't need barbaric relics or old world principles to guide us any longer.  This is the LITERAL belief of the anti-Christ nature and those who hate God and His way.  Therefore, the first protection that we must call for is the PRESERVATION and DEFENSE OF HISTORY.  Yes, Hitler really did kill 6 million Jews and many Christians.  Thomas Jefferson really did command America to never allow a Federal Reserve into the nation without dire consequences.  And Jesus really did give us the keys to life and godlness for the entire world to live in peace.  

STAND! DEFEND! PROCLAIM!  God's ways and will never change.  He is coming after those who erase lines and move boundary stones with a judgment that will look like a flood of water!  The flood is coming and it will be the judgment of God!  STAND! DEFEND! PROCLAIM!

It's interesting to me that the movie NOAH is coming out this next year.  This epic movie will be a warning call to anyone and everyone who is involved in, and guilty of erasing boundary lines and changing history.  

See the movie trailer here:

Know your history!  History points the way to the future.  Human life is cyclical.  Know the cycles, and you can live.  Lose the knowledge of cyclical history, and we will lose an entire generation to the forces of evil and darkness.

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Tomorrow's Reading:
1-Dec Hosea 7-8, Romans 11-12, Psalms 21-25, Proverbs 1

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