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06/28 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

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06/28 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 30, 2013 10:04 am

28-Jun 2 Chronicles 5-6, John 19-20, Psalms 141-145, Proverbs 28 

2 Chron 5:7-8 (NIV) 7 The priests then brought the ark of the Lord's covenant to its place in the inner sanctuary of the temple, the Most Holy Place, and put it beneath the wings of the cherubim. 8 The cherubim spread their wings over the place of the ark and covered the ark and its carrying poles. 

King Solomon finished the grand building of the Lord's temple. He then had all of the instruments brought into the temple and placed into position.  The Levitical priests brought the ark of the covenant in, carrying it on their shoulders by the poles that slid through the sides of the ark.  They carried the ark in correctly, as God had prescribed and commanded Moses.

If you remember King David who brought the ark into town, he allowed the priests to try a new way to bring the ark of the covenant into town.  They built a new cart out of wooden boards and had oxen pull it into town.  The cart hit a hole, the ark started sliding on the cart, and Uzzah the priest reached out to steady the ark. When he touched the ark, God killed him.  No one touches the ark! And you don't move the ark unless the priesthood gets together and moves it upon their shoulders!  David and the priests had violated the command of God, and it got one of their finest men killed.

These stories of moving God's presence ring loudly to me.  COMPASS GUIDE one year life planner will help you to move God's presence correctly in the way that He prescribed.  Any other way than God's way is deadly, inappropriate, rebellious, self centered, and outside of God's command.  The COMPASS GUIDE will help point you correctly so that God will be magnified and honored, rather than dishonored by incorrect movements.  Remember, you are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and when you move, you are moving Him.  We must not be guilty of moving Him into places that He has not commissioned us to go.

Concerning the two ways that the Bible shows the ark of the covenant was brought in, let's bring that into a present day scenario.  Two men bring God's presence and commission into the earth.  One does it his own creative way and causes great pain and damage to everyone around him.  His way will not work.  The other man does it God's way as prescribed in the scriptures and in line with God's calling on his life.  This man lives in peace and safety, and his life honors God.  God blesses and approves of this man's life.

When David's priests built the new cart, they totally represented MAN.  They built it out of wooden boards.  Wood in the bible represents mankind. It's burnable (wood, hay and stubble), and it can be cut down and killed easily.  They put round wheels on the cart.  Go commands that His presence be walked in on the shoulders of priests, not rolled in with wheels.  Sometimes, man's inventions don't work with God's glorious ways.  A wheel is great for moving a car or heavy furniture, but it doesn't work when you move God.  If people mistake God's presence as just another box or piece of furniture, they'll use wheels to move it and they have disdain or lack of respect for God Himself.  If they respect the presence of God and are willing to carry Him in as a king, on poles, on their shoulders, walking Him in using their feet, this is the highest form of respect that they could give and God is honored as KING, not as a piece of furniture.  

I've heard it said that many churches are governmentally ran by boards and big wheels.  But that will get a church killed in this day and age because this is man's idea of how to move God's presence into town.  God's presence doesn't sit on a manmade cart with honor.  If your church is ran by a board of directors and a big wheel leader at the top, you may be looking at a cart ministry that's being pulled by oxen (hirelings) instead of carried on the shoulders of priests/kings/sons.  Watch out!  When, not if, the cart stumbles, someone is going to get killed!  

The New Testament church must operate according to God's standards and commands.  He commands a 5 fold ministry government, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers.  Yet most churches in the USA today are ran by pastors only, who refuse to bring the presence of God into town by honor, on the shoulders of the 5 fold ministry, government, priesthood.  This will prove deadly to them and those who support such a cart ministry.  My word of encouragement for anyone stuck in this type of ministry is to:

1. Learn about 5 fold apostolic ministry, what it is, and how it functions in the New Testament church.

2.  Dis-assemble your cart ministry before the people, publicly.  Teach them why  you are disassembling the Pope, priest, President, Pastor based, man made cart, and show them the right way.  

3.  Walk into a New Wineskin that can hold the new wine, and which will honor the glorious presence of God. Prepare your church for a New Wineskin move of God's presence and power.  This will set the precedence of order and honor in the house of God.

Everything made of WOOD, HAY, or STUBBLE will burn in the day of the Lord.  Any Pope, priest, president, pastor based, man made cart church will not survive the day of fire.  That day is upon us, and as the days of the great dragon come down upon America and the world, the new cart churches will burn from the fire of his nostrils, while the church built with gold, silver, and precious stones will refine and become even more bright and valuable.  Time is short to dismantle the cart. Dismantle it or it shall burn in the fire.

Our lives work just like this church scenario.  There is a GOD WAY and a MAN WAY to do everything.  From your physical body, your job, education, social life, finances, and family, you can choose either GOD'S WAY or MAN'S WAY.  But the choice is yours.  God has made His way plain and clear.  It only takes someone to search out His way and you will find it.  COMPASS GUIDE will help you stay on track and do things God's way in the highest order and honor.  You will be the new wineskin rather than the old! king king king 

Tomorrow's Reading:
29-Jun 2 Chronicles 7-8, John 21, Psalms 146-150, Proverbs 29 


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