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06/24 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

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06/24 Compass Guide Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

Post by Admin on Mon Jun 24, 2013 10:17 am

24-Jun 1 Chron. 23-25, John 11-12, Psalms 121-125, Proverbs 24

Proverbs 24:27 Finish your outdoor work and get your fields ready; after that, build your house.

I educate almost every day on finances, biblical wealth strategies, and securing your family's future through kingdom principles.  Today's scripture is a powerful kingdom COMMAND for every follower of Christ to learn from and follow.

I was out this last week with a group of investors and we were looking at farm lands, housing developments, and buildings.  When you find some great looking opportunities, there is always a temptation to say, "Wow, if I built my dream home here, my wife and I could really enjoy ourselves and live in peace and rest."  But the Bible declares that there is an order for building my own house AFTER other things are accomplished.

Our 06/21/13 Compass Guide reading HERE: showed that David was wanting to build God a house. However, God told him "not yet" because there is still alot of work to do.  David went with God's plan and found that multiple enemies were coming to try to conquer him.  David was totally successful and conquered them all. But if he would have been involved in a building plan, he would have lost the kingdom and been too divided in focus.

This Proverb tells us to focus on our fields, and make sure that our seed is in the ground and growing before we start building a house for ourselves.  Field first, house last.  Yet most people are so hopelessly immersed in the world's system that they can never get free to become wealthy.

The world system has trained us all to be slaves.  Get educated, get a good job, and then spend what you have on STUFF and THINGS.  Get the newest car possible, the nicest house you can afford, and the newest update to the "i" products. It never ends and the lust of the flesh keeps us going for the newest model.  When we run out of money, the system gives us a credit card and a 30+ year loan to keep buying.  Spend your children's future - don't worry, be happy!  The doctrine of debt will enslave, impoverish, and destroy the people - as it is doing currently.
But God's Word indicates that we are to plant our fields and get our seed in the ground FIRST.  

I have heard the saying, "A wealthy man spends his life buying assets and things that provide cash flow, but a poor man buys liabilities."  Wealthy people think differently than poor people, and they plant their fields before they buy their dream house.

The poor man says, "Man, this house would be awesome to live in. My family could be very happy in this house! I wonder if I can afford it?"  This poor man has no real understanding that he's buying a liability which will tax him to death as long as he owns it.  Upkeep, repairs, taxes, lawn care, updates, and on and on . . this house will cost him money out of his pocket every month for the rest of his life.  Not only that, but he will pay for this house 2.3 - 3 times over the next 30 years because he really can't afford it and will get a loan to finance his ill found dream.

The wealthy man says, "I like this house. I wonder how much I could rent this out to someone for? And after my expenses, how much will I make each month off of this home?"  You see, the wealthy man is buying an asset and something that will bring cash IN to him every month.  He buys houses that make him money. He is spending his life planting seeds in the ground which will raise up and give him a harvest. But the poor man bought himself a ball and chain that will take from him every month.

Once a man plants enough seed in the ground, then he can go buy or build his dream house.  And while that house will take money out of him every month, he will have plenty of seed in the ground to finance his dreams, and those seed bearing assets will grow and grow.

I want to challenge you to take this scripture and put it in your FINANCIAL section of your Compass Guide book today.  Don't make a financial decision until you have sent it through this Proverb.  And if your financial idea aligns with this Proverb, then you are authorized by Heaven to take the deal.

God's desire is for you to be a king.  Proverbs is the book that tells how kings think and act.  Align yourself with Proverbs, and you will multiply the kingdom of Heaven into the earth with wealth, riches, grace, and fulfillment!  cheerssunnyking

Tomorrow's Reading:
25-Jun 1 Chron. 26-29, John 13-14, Psalms 126-130, Proverbs 25 

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