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04/27 Thoughts & Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

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04/27 Thoughts & Comments By Dr. Daniel Daves

Post by Admin on Sun May 26, 2013 4:39 pm

27-Apr 1 Sam. 9-10 1 Peter 5 Psalms 131-135 Proverbs 27

1 Samuel 9:3-6 NIV [3] Now the donkeys belonging to Saul’s father Kish were lost, and Kish said to his son Saul, “Take one of the servants with you and go and look for the donkeys.” [4] So he passed through the hill country of Ephraim and through the area around Shalisha, but they did not find them. They went on into the district of Shaalim, but the donkeys were not there. Then he passed through the territory of Benjamin, but they did not find them. [5] When they reached the district of Zuph, Saul said to the servant who was with him, “Come, let’s go back, or my father will stop thinking about the donkeys and start worrying about us.” [6] But the servant replied, “Look, in this town there is a man of God; he is highly respected, and everything he says comes true. Let’s go there now. Perhaps he will tell us what way to take.”

Saul and his servant went looking for his fathers lost donkeys.  They would not find them, but would seek out the great prophet Samuel to ask him where the donkeys were. Samuel was waiting for them, and he would annoint Saul as king over Israel, who would deliver them from the Philistines.

Sometimes, your search for one thing will lead to a great open door into another dimension.  Taking care of your fathers duties will lead you to the next open door.  Saul would be looking for donkeys one day, and the next he would be in a direct personal relationship with Samuel the prophet, who is giving him intel into the future, and preparing him to become king.

Compass Guide helps you to get focused and onward with your Fathers business.  You are faithful in His business, following your dream that He put into your heart, and filtering out all of the non profitable things in your life.  While pushing forward, there will be "aha" moments in your life where you are ushered by a divine presence into excelerated grace, and your goals and dreams will become reality.  

Saul was looking for His Fathers donkeys.  Are you busy looking for your Heavenly Fathers donkeys?  This is a clear sign of evangelism that we cannot forget about while pursuing the dream.  God wants His dream accomplished in our life, and part of that dream is reaching out to others.  Make sure that your goals, dreams, and visions include reaching the prisoner, the sick, the poor, the orphan and the widow.

I encourage you to get the Compass Guide program and include the search for Donkeys in your short term spiritual goals.  Get ready for supernatural doors to open into greater dimensions!

Tomorrow's Reading:
28-Apr 1 Sam. 11-12 2 Peter 1-2 Psalms 136-140 Proverbs 28

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