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02/23 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

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02/23 Reading - Thoughts & Comments DX3

Post by Admin on Sun Feb 24, 2013 7:17 am

23-Feb Leviticus 21-22 Acts 17-18 Psalms 116-120 Proverbs 23

Lev 21:8 (NIV) 8 Regard them (the priests) as holy, because they offer up the food of your God. Consider them holy, because I the Lord am holy--I who make you holy.

As we continue the subject of holiness, today's scripture reminds me that every sacrificial offering the Old Testament priests brought before God was HIS FOOD.  They were literally like the chefs and servers, bringing God's food to him from the people.  God came to town to dine with His people, and He ate what was set before Him.  It's amazing that God set the terms for the food before they started cooking.   He set the guidelines for how the food is to be prepared and delivered. Anything outside of the guidelines will not be accepted and the food will be returned.  I believe that a restaurant manager could take powerful notes for the operation of his restaurant in reading Leviticus.  Clearly, the Lord deals with the cleanness of the priests in the kitchen and while serving, their proper attitudes, their relationships with the outside world which "DOES" affect how they work inside the restaurant, what kind of food to choose and what to reject.  Any restaurant owner or manager who reads Leviticus would immediately stop and say, "Hold it.  Here is God's policy manual on restaurant service!" .

HOLY means to be committed, focused, single minded, consecrated and wholly set apart for a particular act, service, or worship.  God's waiters /priests were to take this job seriously.  They would be responsible for getting animals from a sinful family, processing that animal, and delivering it to God correctly so that sin and imperfection could be dealt with in a holy and just manner.  They could not break their focus.  They couldn't violate the policies of the temple.  It was not an option.  Aaron's sons had violated the policies in contempt for God's holiness, and He struck them dead with fire.  The others would remember that day and would fear the one that they served.  They didn't mind having employee policy meetings to be reminded of how they were to operate (to keep them alive).  They saw those fried, dead bodies of Aaron's contemptuous sons being dragged out of the temple that fearful day.  They didn't want to be the next failed news write up in the Israelite daily times newspaper as their charred bodies were removed from service.

Today when we talk about HOLINESS and CONSECRATION to God,  I want to open up the conversation a little bit outside of the typical religious ideology box.  As I move into deeper New Testament apostolic understanding, I realize that God is moving way outside of my old Sunday Church Service box where all the people come and get their weekly dose of Jesus for the week.  He is moving in the different mountains of society, business, media, arts and entertainment, education, politics, family, and religion.  He is holy, and wherever He is moving, He requires His priests and kings to be holy.

In the Old Testament, the priests delivered beef and roast lamb, goat, and ram to God.  He would bless it, and then the priests and their families would actually eat it.  I only remember one time where God actually ate the offering, when Elijah was challenging the priests of Baal and God's fire licked up the offering and the water it was drenched in, and sucked it right up to Heaven!  But otherwise, God oversaw the service of giving and sacrifices, yet He gave the food to the priests to eat.  They were able to eat and feed their families from the food that came through the tabernacle. This was God's design.

In the New Testament, we know that Jesus was crucified and sacrificed once for all.  There is no further need of any temple sacrifice before God.  His Son finalized the old covenant and brought us into the new covenant.  Yet God still commands us to be holy as He is holy.  Holiness means that we are to consecrate and devote our lives to God's plan and will for our lives.  If he's the restaurant owner, then you're the restaurant.  If He is the King of the temple, then you are the temple.  Therefore, He has a certain set of policies and guidelines for the restaurant to operate by so that the food can be delivered correctly (speaking metaphorically).  And he/she who works in the restaurant will be taken care of by the restaurant.  There will be food in that restaurant that God will bless that the chefs and servers will eat from.

You are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  You are His restaurant.  He has a particular will and plan for you.  He needs His temple to get settled into one or more of the seven mountains of society.  He will open the doors, bless the work of your hands, and will provide your daily food as you serve Him in His restaurant, the temple of the Holy Spirit.  God has a particular menu for you to work from, and a particular way for you to run the restaurant.  COMPASS GUIDE can help a person to find out their "25 Word Core Vision Statement" which is the most important thing that you could ever find out for your life.  This core is the defining of your restaurant.  When you know this, you can commit to it, consecrate yourself for it, and focus your life's energies and resources to complete it.  This is the MACRO VISION of "be holy as I am holy".  When you are fully committed to finding and finishing His plan, you are holy.  You are wholly committed.  You are consecrated for a particular act of service.

When it's time to go out and celebrate, my family all like certain types of restaurants.  There's alot to choose from out there, as food creativity has exploded over the last decades.  Yet, each restaurant is "WHOLLY COMMITTED" to serving it's own type of food.  You don't see a Chinese restaurant selling tacos.  And you don't see an Italian restaurant serving sushi.  They are WHOLLY COMMITTED to their particular calling to serve the community around them.  They will not deviate.  They will work in excellence, within the requirements of the law, and their doors will be open on time.  They will greet you with a smile and make you feel at home, or they won't be in business very long.  

We can learn a huge lesson from the restaurant community.  YOU ARE GOD'S RESTAURANT.  The sacrifices and offerings that are brought through your hands must be dealt with according to God's policy manual.  Do you know what kind of restaurant you are? Do you know how He wants you to deliver the goods?  If not, it's time to get focus into your life, and make it high priority to "be holy as He is holy".  Holiness is commitment to delivering the Goods that God has required, not the goods that you want to deliver.  And for the record, all of us must deliver the goods to PEOPLE.  Restaurants serve people in their communities.  And each of us must serve people correctly if we are to perfect holiness as He is holy.

God is hungry.  You are His restaurant.  Are you serving Him what He has called you to serve?  Or is He saying, "WHERE'S THE BEEF!?".

My favorite "WAITER" scripture which gives great promise to those who serve God as a good waiter serves a restaurant client.

Isaiah 40:31 (KJV) 31 But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Tomorrow's Reading:
24-Feb Leviticus 23-24 Acts 19-20 Psalms 121-125 Proverbs 24
25-Feb Leviticus 25-27 Acts 21-22 Psalms 126-130 Proverbs 25

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